Customer Service: Chase vs. Citibank

I would like to share my unpleasant experience with Chase with the intention to help those who wants to apply for credit cards.

My payment to Chase was returned when I was out of country due to insufficient funds since I had an unexpected payment posted to my account while I was away. Long story short, I was charged total of $109 as return fee and finance charges from Chase. This was the very first time something like that happened for the last 7 years that I owned Chase credit card. Most credit cards or banks forgive the first time mistakes. However Chase customer service would not reverse the finance charges as a courtesy.

This reminded me my pleasant experience with Citibank a year before. I got a loan from them and set my bank account to automatically pay the minimum monthly balance. There was a problem in the setup and Citibank did not get payments for two months so they called me to warn and I immediately made payments on the phone. Late payment fee and finance charges for two months added up to more than  $500, but they kindly reversed all the fees since it was the first time.

When I compared the service of Chase (my credit card for 7 years) vs. Citibank (their treatment even after 2 months), I decided that I will not use their credit card and keep my interaction to the minimum.  Since I always pay full amount in full, I never paid close attention to the interest rate. I noticed that my Chase card charges ~15% while Citibank card charges only ~9%.

What is your experience with these cards?