Uncovering images in Beamer presentation

Some text

does not work. Graphic is included even in the first frame. Instead use:
Some text



Lyx IEEE Journal and Conference layout

These are the steps I followed to use IEEE formatting in Lyx:

  • Create IEEEtran directory
  • Download the latex file IEEEtran2.tar.gz from IEEE site and extract
  • Create a subdirectory named “bibtex”
  • Download the bibtex file IEEEtranBST1.tar.gz from the same IEEE site to this directory and extract
  • For Ubuntu, move IEEEtran directory to /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/ and run texhash (requires sudo)
  • Run Lyx->Tools->Reconfigure and restart Lyx.
  • You should be able to select IEEEtran from Document Settings.


Changing the paragraph environment using keyboard

From Lyx Wiki Tips:

Steering the mouse pointer to the paragraph environment drop-down menu in order to get out of an enumerate or itemize environment was starting to annoy me, especially on the road without a mouse. Fortunately, there is a solution (which apparently is undocumented, at least I couldn’t find it):

Quoting Paul from the mailing list: “M-p (alt-p) followed by a space opens the environment list. From there, repeatedly typing the same letter cycles through all environment names starting with that letter.”

Latex Turkish Characters / Türkçe karakterler

  • \u{g} – ğ
  • \u{G} – Ğ
  • \c{c} – ç
  • \c{C} – Ç
  • \c{s} – ş
  • \c{S} – Ş
  • \”{u} – ü
  • \”{U} – Ü
  • \”{o} – ö
  • \”{O} – Ö
  • {\i} – ı
  • \.{I} – İ
  • \^{a}
  • \^{A}